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Scott Sullivan

  • Scott Sullivan is a service designer at Adaptive Path and the author of Designing for Wearables. He has a background in theater, modern dance, creative technology, interactive performance art, and visual design. He is happiest getting his hands dirty building things that may or may not have a purpose. Before joining Adaptive Path, Scott was a digital product designer at Involution Studios, and was heavily involved in launching and evolving startups. He has experience in many problem spaces—Education, Energy, Finance, Social Media and Digital Publishing. Scott’s goal is to create products that provide real value, operate seamlessly in people’s physical lives, and leverage emerging technologies to make the invisible visible.

  • Author of:
    Designing for Wearables:
    Effective UX for Current and Future Devices
    with C. Todd Lombardo, Trace Wax O'Reilly


09:00 - 12:30

Room 5


09:00 - 12:30

Room 5

Designing for Wearables

Now may be the perfect time to enter the wearables industry. On one hand, we're still exploring, new technologies are pushing the envelopes of both technical ability and social conventions, re-shaping how we understand our selves and the world around us. On the other hand we're starting to see patterns, we're understanding what really works in the real world. In this practical workshop, we'll examine the current wearables ecosystem and demonstrates the impact that service design in particular will have on these types of devices going forward.

The workshop consists of a brief overview of what's currently possible with wearable devices, followed by an outcome-based service design project prompted by real-world opportunities. For our service design project, we'll go through simple paper prototyping, data analysis (provided data), verifying that our service provides value, and then the hard part, explaining the value of the new technology.

Topics covered:

  • Data-based Service Design
  • The type of data available from wearable sensors
  • Turning that data in to information (light data-science)
  • Messaging cadence
  • Communicating the value of the service

What kind of exercises will be done:

  • Outcome-based service design
  • Paper prototyping for wearables
  • Introducing new ideas to the public

What will the audience take away at the end:

A thorough understanding of the capabilities of wearable devices, where designers fit in to that equation, and the tools to take a wearables project end- to-end.

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